• What’s inside(4pouch/serve)
    -Chicken karaage & vegetables 1p
    (8~9min boil/Freezer friendly)
    -Scallion negi sauce 1p
    (3min boil/Freezer friendly)
    -Eggplant pickles 1p
    (Ready to eat/Freezer friendly)
    -Quinoa rice 1p
    (8~9min boil/Freezer friendly)


  • How to eat
    “◎”min boil
    →When boiling in a pot :
    Put the pouches in boiling water without opening the seal and boil for the specified time.
    Use tongs and chopsticks to remove from the pot.
    *Please check the stated time on the product label. Please note that the bag gets very hot when you take it out of the pot.→When using a microwave oven :
    Heat in a 600W range for about 2 minutes.
    *In the case of a microwave oven, be sure to open the bag before warming.
    *Heating time changes slightly depending on the product.Ready to eat
    →Just open it with scissors and serve it on your plate.

☆Maki’s voice  -Registered dietitian-☆
👩‍🍳A low-carbohydrate, low-fat, nutritionally balanced meal kit.
It is rich in B vitamins and is effective in improving metabolism and relieving fatigue.
Please heal your tired body and use it for nutritional charge ♩
When eaten with vegetable soup etc., it will be a more well-balanced, healthy and satisfying meal ^ ^

★Toru’s voice   -BENTO Pro-★
👨‍🍳Thank you for using our Japanese Meal Kit -BentOn Kit-.
It will help you have well-balanced and delicious Japanese meal, And it saves your cooking time a lot !
Please enjoy our Meal Kit that you can easily cook at home ^^

*Keep refrigerated.Please eat as soon as possible after opening the pouch.
*If it is frozen, thaw in running water to be defrost before heating.
*Boil "rice pouch" for a little longer than the stated time, and after opening it, mix well and add air.