Year-End Special Promotion

December 29th & 30th

This weekend, for a limited time,we will be selling OSECHI with special price to the local residents of LOVELAND.

Pick up will be on Friday, the 29th, and Saturday, the 30th, from 12 pm to 5 pm.

As we have a limited quantity available, we take only pre-order reservations only.

On your day of pickup, please come to BentOn Factory located at 851 Loveland Madaira RD, Loveland, OH 45140 between 12:00pm to 5:00pm.

Thank you for your support and waiting for long time!
We look forward to seeing you at BentOn LOVELAND Factory.

What is OSECHI?

Osechi is a cherished Japanese New Year tradition that brings together a collection of special delicacies, each with its own symbolic meaning. This culinary custom reflects a deep appreciation for the coming year and is enjoyed as a part of the New Year’s celebration in Japan.

Each dish in the Osechi assortment holds significance, representing wishes for good health, prosperity, happiness, and longevity. The careful selection of ingredients and meticulous preparation embody the spirit of renewal and hope for the future.

Our Osechi side dishes, available for individual purchase, offer a delightful way to experience and embrace this cultural celebration. Elevate your New Year’s festivities with the rich flavors and symbolism that define Osechi.

Discover the essence of Japanese tradition through our Osechi collection and make the New Year truly special with these time-honored delicacies.

Osechi Items


Heating times are based on items starting from a ‘refrigerated’ state.
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