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New Year’s Osechi Kits for 2 Servings (OSECHI 2024)
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What’s Osechi?
“Osechi” are traditional foods which are eaten by a lot of Japanese on New Year’s Day. It includes many kinds of Japanese traditional foods, and they are packed together in “Jubako”, which is a special box that resembles bento boxes.


  • Jubako (Special Osechi Bento container)
  • 13 Assorted Osechi Items
  • 2 Sets of Chopsticks
Instructions: All Osechi items are individually packed in pouches. Simply warm them up, place them in the Jubako, and enjoy. Chopsticks are included, so there's no need for extra plates or utensils. Serve and enjoy!



First Tier:

  • Broiled yellowtail with Salt-Koji
  • Simmered Red Shrimp
  • Salmon Roe and  veggie pickles (NAMASU)
  • Rolled Kelp (KONBU MAKI)
  • Mixed Rice with grilled snapper (TAI MESHI)
  • Herring Roe and marinated herring (KAZUNOKO)
  • Red and White Fish Cake (KAMABOKO)

Second Tier:

  • Sweet Chestnut Paste and Mashed Sweet Potatoes (KURIKINTON)
  • MUGI-Fuji Pork Sukiyaki
  • Cream Cheese Japanese Potato Salad
  • Sweeten braised black beans (KUROMAME)
  • Sardines pickled sweet soy sauce and walnut (TAZUKURI)
  • Simmered Chicken and Vegetables (CHIKUZENNI)
Ingredients and Allergens

★Optional Add-On: O-zoni (New Year’s Soup with MOCHI)

  • Mochi (Rice Cake)
  • Ingredients Set (Fish Cake, Mountain Yam, Lotus Root, Daikon Radish, Spinach, Carrot, Chicken)
  • Concentrated O-zoni Soup
    *Add 180g~200g of hot water and enjoy. Choose between one or two servings.

*Note: O-zoni is not included for those who select only the Osechi Kit.

*O-zoni can be frozen.

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