• What’s inside(5 pouch/serve)
    -Broiled Salmon Kasu-Zuke 1p
    (5min boil/Freezer friendly)
    -Braised Vegetables 1p
    (Ready to eat/Freezer friendly except KON-NYAKU)
    -Simmered Chicken tender and Burdock 1p
    (3min boil/Freezer friendly)
    -Pickled Nappa and Tomato Yuzu Flavor 1p
    (Ready to eat/Freezer friendly)
    -Quinoa rice 1p
    (8~9min boil/Freezer friendly)


  • How to eat
    “◎”min boil
    →When boiling in a pot :
    Put the pouches in boiling water without opening the seal and boil for the specified time.
    Use tongs and chopsticks to remove from the pot.
    *Please check the stated time on the product label. Please note that the bag gets very hot when you take it out of the pot.→When using a microwave oven :
    Heat in a 600W range for about 2 minutes.
    *In the case of a microwave oven, be sure to open the bag before warming.
    *Heating time changes slightly depending on the product.Ready to eat
    →Just open it with scissors and serve it on your plate.

☆Maki’s voice  -Registered dietitian-☆
👩‍🍳With plenty of vegetables, this kit contains more than two-thirds of the dietary fiber you need each day.
Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is ideal for conditioning your body and preventing colds.
If you like, you can serve this with miso soup, and the effect of the fermented food of kasuzuke x miso
You can expect to improve the intestinal environment and improve immunity.

★Toru’s voice   -BENTO Pro-★
👨‍🍳Thank you for using our Japanese Meal Kit -BentOn Kit-.
It will help you have well-balanced and delicious Japanese meal, And it saves your cooking time a lot !
Please enjoy our Meal Kit that you can easily cook at home ^^

*Keep refrigerated.Please eat as soon as possible after opening the pouch.
*If it is frozen, thaw in running water to be defrost before heating.
*Boil "rice pouch" for a little longer than the stated time, and after opening it, mix well and add air.

Omakase Kit

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